Digital Wellbeing is a holistic and balanced approach to our interactions in the digital world as citizens, communities, and an overall digital nation.

  • How is our digital life influencing our real life and overall wellbeing?
  • Are we mindful and aware of our relationship with technology?
  • Are we mindful and aware of how digital technologies are impacting overall wellbeing?
  • Are our experiences in digital settings mainly positive?
  • Are digital technologies making our lives easier by simplifying and enhancing them?
  • Are we capable of using digital technologies positively, for instance to learn, connect and build meaningful relationships and virtual communities?
  • Are we equipped with the necessary strategies, skills, and tools to handle digital challenges?
  • Do we know how to act wisely if something goes wrong in the digital environment?

Digital Citizenship

Just as we are citizens of the globe in the physical world, as users of the digital world, we are also “citizens”. Get to know more about Digital Citizenship, what it entails and why it’s important to promote positive digital citizenship.

News and Opinions

  • Digital Wellbeing
"أقدر" تواصل تجسيد الواقع الإستثنائي للمجتمعات والمستقبل المشرق المستدام وسط أجواء مميزة لإكسبو دبي

  • Digital Wellbeing
«تنمية المجتمع» تستعرض حزمة إنجازات تقنية في «جيتكس»

  • Digital Citizenship
سناب تُطلق ميزة Here For You لدعم الصحة النفسية للمستخدمين في الإمارات

  • Digital Wellbeing
سيف بن زايد يترأس اجتماع مجلس جودة الحياة الرقمية

  • Digital Citizenship
مناقشة المواطنة الرقمية الإيجابية في ملتقى «المجتمع الافتراضي وتحولات الهوية»

  • Digital Wellbeing
«سفراء الأمان بشرطة دبي» يُنظم جلسة حوارية حول جودة الحياة الرقمية

  • Digital Citizenship
Mohammed bin Rashid approves ‘National Policy for Digital Wellbeing'

  • Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing Council Third Meeting

"Sannif" Online Games Classification

Sannif platform is an initiative that aims to classify and display the risks of electronic games available on various gaming platforms. Sannif allows searching for any electronic game to display its details, risks, and appropriate play age, in addition to its availability on various platforms. The platform also provides a list of child-friendly games as well as explanation of their potential risks.

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Use parental controls on your child's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

  • Parental Controls
Set up parental controls on Google Play

  • Parental Controls
Find balance as a family

  • Digital Wellbeing
Reporting eCrimes

  • Parental Controls
The Best Parental Controls for Teen Social Media

  • Screen Time
Tools to help you achieve your own personal sense of digital wellbeing


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