About Us

Welcome to the UAE Digital Wellbeing Online Platform, a one-stop that brings together useful tools and resources to help children, parents, educators, and the larger community in leading positive and safe digital lives. When used wisely, the digital world offers endless opportunities to create meaningful connections, enjoy learning experiences, entertainment, and much more.

This Digital Wellbeing Online Platform is part of a broader, more comprehensive “Digital Wellbeing Program”. The National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing launched the UAE Digital Wellbeing Program in March 2018. The program embodies an effort to raise awareness about online risks and challenges, and to promote safe and positive usage of digital technologies and the Internet. The program also seeks to support citizens across various segments of the community, starting from children and teenagers, to adults and the elderly. At the heart of achieving the program’s goal of enhancing the digital wellbeing of UAE, citizens are key partnerships with the public and private sector such as the education, communications, and law enforcement sectors.

The UAE Digital Wellbeing Program focuses on four main digital pillars: Capabilities, Conduct, Contact, and Content

1. Digital Capabilities aims at raising digital literacy and awareness across society segments  

             a.General digital awareness & education

             b. Digital Support Platform – provides tools and information to help individuals face the challenges of the digital world

             c. Interactive Boot Camps – to learn how to use digital technologies, Internet and social media safely, and training on how to address digital challenges and threats

             d. Catch-up programs for adults and the elderly

2. Digital Conduct is mostly focused on behaviour in the digital world including managing screen time and protecting online reputation

             a. Digital values and ethics

             b. Online behaviours and options for reporting or discussing unethical behaviour

             c. Digital behaviours and the quality of time spent online

3. Digital Contact focuses on providing a safety net for the type of relationships and contacts established on the online network

             a. Contacts and relationships management

             b. Digital security 

             c. Digital wellbeing support line - to answer urgent queries from the community regarding digital wellbeing and online safety

4. Digital Content aims to enhance exposure to content from a quality perspective

             a. Meaningful digital content

             b. Promoting positive digital usage

The above four areas summarize the essence of the UAE Digital Wellbeing Program and its aim to enhance the digital wellbeing of individuals and communities. 

In today’s increasingly digital world, there is an evident need to understand how the digital world is influencing the lives of UAE citizens. The focus of the National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing on understanding and enhancing digital wellbeing reflects that, and constitutes an anticipatory response to a pressing need in the community.

Investing in our safety and wellbeing is investing in our future.