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Positive Digital Citizenship Values

Dear digital user,


New technologies, such as digital governance, Artificial Intelligence, and smart cities, are changing our world at an unprecedented pace. Today, concepts like power and leadership are radically changing due to digital disruption. As Emirati citizens, we have always been embracing values of tolerance, coexistence, human fraternity, and diversity, and we strive to promote digital wellbeing and create a safe and positive digital world. Therefore, we have issued the values of positive digital citizenships in the UAE:


  • 01

    Emirati Legacy: to remain loyal to the United Arab Emirates and serve as a role model of the Emirati values and traditions in the digital world.

  • 02

    Digital Reputation: to best represent my country and promote its reputation in the digital world.

  • 03

    Respect Others: to respect others, their privacy and intellectual rights and to refrain from bullying them or harming their digital identity.

  • 04

    Positive Investment: to use the digital world to enhance my skills and keep abreast of change in line with the UAE’s vision.

  • 05

    Kindness: to promote the values of solidarity, compassion and positivity, and to use social media wisely

  • 06

    Digital Privacy: to protect others’ personal information and privacy.

  • 07

    Credibility: to make sure the content I’m sharing or receiving is credible and to always use reliable sources.

  • 08

    Responsibility and Regulations: to be responsible in the digital world and to abide by its rules and regulations.

  • 09

    Digital Ethics: to contribute to eliminating any content that is inconsistent with ethics and human values.

  • 10

    Balanced Usage: to maintain my physical and mental health through finding a good balance between real and digital worlds.